Custom Design for a Professional Athlete

This past Labor Day weekend was pretty crazy to say the least. A friend reached out to me on Wednesday asking if I could fulfill a custom tank design order for him and his friends in only 2 days to be worn for Saturday of the AVP beach volleyball tournament at Oak St Beach (most businesses need about 1-2 weeks to fulfill such an order). This tank design would be created in support of his friend he went to college with. His friend is 6'8" professional beach volleyball player Stafford Slick. After hearing what the design request was, I knew it would be challenging, but I knew I could pull it off. The design was a parody of the AVP logo using Stafford's silhouette with his big goggles. The goggles have been a must for Stafford to wear after suffering an eye injury in a past match.

Video of Stafford Slick spiking

I placed the order for the blank tanks from my supplier and began designing the artwork. The next day, after receiving the tanks and several revisions later, my friend approved the artwork and I was able to begin production of the custom tanks. After printing the tanks, I rushed over and delivered them to my friend's apartment Friday night (just in time before him and his group of friends needed them).

On Saturday, I received a few pictures from my friend of him and his group of friends wearing the tanks, as well as Stafford Slick! After finishing up a beach volleyball tournament myself at Montrose Beach, I rushed over to catch the the end of the games at Oak St Beach. After getting there, I saw my friend and chatted for a bit. Stafford came over and I explained to him that I created the tank he wore that day. He thanked me and I was able to get a picture of him wearing it. 

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