City on the Lake


My "City on the Lake" design has been a long time coming. I've spent countless hours staring at the city from this view and appreciating its beauty over the years. The way the skyline rises above Lake Michigan from this angle is so unique and relaxing. The stillness of the massive amounts of concrete and glass contrasted with the free flowing movement of water at my feet is such a pleasure to take in.


This design might be the first of a series where I go to an actual location in the city and incorporate the view into a new design. I feel like I can continue to create unique Chicago designs from the comfort of my home while referencing a few images online (what a lot of artists do today), but there is something different about being at an actual location, putting in the time, and absorbing everything while I sketch. I'm more connected to the city, which opens the door for more to say on paper and on my computer. I have more favorite locations and it would be fun to keep this creative challenge going.

If you guys have any locations here in the city you recommend I go to, comment below and let me know! Maybe I've never been to it and it could be featured in a new design of mine. If I pick your location, I'll give you a shoutout when I debut the design. 

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